About Lain

Even the “big names” have trouble conveying their unique value and message to their audience. That’s where I come in. From incisive editing to effective content creation to profitable strategy, I can help you grow your audience, raise your profile, and sell more by creating a powerful, effective message that conveys your personality and makes people pay attention. 

Forget tricks, hacks, and “persuasion methods.” Instead, I use my “C4” Method. By being CREATIVE, COMPELLING, CONCISE, and CLEAR, your content stands out.

Got a very specialized business in the sciences, technology, medicine? Let’s talk.  I’ve worked with Chiropractors, scientists,  technologists, blockchain VCs, and more. I also ghostwrite books for 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs.

I’ve authored several books of my own, as well as thousands of articles for the HuffPo.com, SUCCESS, The Boston Globe, Family Life, Woman’s World, Selling Power, Entrepreneur.com, Stanford Magazine, and Runners’ World – among others.

I’ve spoken at numerous conferences, including New Media Expo and BlogHer and appeared on some of the planet’s most popular podcasts (Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Passive Income, Eventual Millionaire, etc.). With degrees from Stanford and Syracuse University, I love developing creative, yet practical, solutions for individuals and entrepreneurs.  I have worked with many leading online business owners, entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors, including Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, Colette Baron-Reid, Kris Carr, Jennifer Louden, Honda Motors, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jaime (Tardy) Masters, and many more.

Email me at lain(at)fastlain(dot)com.


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