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You're Smart. You're Doing the Work. So Where's the Success?

The “gurus” promise seven-figure success is inevitable in a matter of months if you just follow their program. You’re doing the work, but the results aren’t coming… So it must be YOU, right?
After 10 years in online business, I’ve seen it over and over… smart, hardworking business owners who are stuck and don’t know what they’re doing wrong.
It’s. Not. You.
Instead, it’s the system that wants to sell you $10K masterminds, $5K launch programs, and $3K networking events. Most of these programs are outdated, poor quality, or never tested beyond the creator’s own experience.
No wonder you can’t make progress!
That’s why I do things VERY differently. Instead of long-term commitments, I offer quick wins. Instead of focusing on what you should be doing a year from now, I give you just the next right step so you can make progress IMMEDIATELY. I share what’s working based on my decade working with some of the internet’s biggest names, not on guesswork or what I learned from theory.
The result: You move from stuck and frustrated to instant action. You know what to do TOMORROW to make an IMMEDIATE difference in your business.
If you just need someone to help you figure out why you’re stuck — and what to do about it —  click the button below.

Insider Price: 30-Minute Breakthrough Session +
One Week of Email Support
Just $249

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Hey, I’m Lain Ehmann…

Tony Robbins. Ryan Levesque. Kris Carr. Colette Baron-Reid. Honda Motors. Chris Winfield. Alison Prince. Grant Cardone. Frank Kern… I’ve earned multiple millions of dollars in sales for clients like these, in addition to building my own multiple-six-figure business. I know what’s working online, and what’s smoke and mirrors.

Schedule a laser-coaching call with me and find out why YOU are stuck — and what to do about it NOW. Let’s get you moving forward fast. That’s life in the #FastLain.

Here's How Breakthrough Coaching Works...

Once you purchase your laser session, I’ll send you a calendar invite to reserve your spot and forward you a questionnaire to fill out and return. Be ready when we hop on a Zoom call at our appointed time — we’ll jump right in and pinpoint your big block and what to do about it so you can experience immediate progress. Everything will be recorded so you can revisit it any time you want. 

Then, after our session is over, you’ll get 7 days of follow-up support via email. As you implement what we talk about, you can reach out when you hit a roadblock or when you have further questions. Want me to review sales page copy? Give feedback on your lead magnet? Want specifics on building your Facebook group? We’ll handle it – together!

What People Say About Their Breakthrough Sessions...

“Lain is a problem solver. She sees what needs to be done and moves in the direction of a solution. She shows up with such energy and consistency that it keeps me on track and moving forward. Meeting with her weekly gave me the boost I needed to start clarifying and taking action on the goals I had been thinking about.”

Mystere Poeme 

Before my session with Lain, the engagement in my FB group was so unresponsive it was like talking to my 16 year old son while he’s watching Tik Tok videos. Even though I was trying all the things, I felt beyond frustrated at not being able to engage them. I desperately wanted to give them answers to their questions & concerns but couldn’t get them to tell me what they were. A proverbial catch-22.

During the session, Lain helped me understand that I had been asking the wrong questions. She helped me see that the lack of engagement was because of how I was staying true to the purpose of my group, or in my case, NOT being true to it, that had my group members confused and holding back.

Together, we created a simple strategy & focus for my content moving forward. Feeling inspired, I implemented one of her ideas THAT DAY and saw an immediate increase in engagement. And without having to tag anyone on the post. Huge win! I can’t wait to fully implement all the great ideas that Lain gave me & watch my engagement soar. I can’t thank Lain enough for her help.

If you’re looking to get laser focused on increasing the engagement in your FB group with content, then hands-down, you need to get in the #FastLain!”

— Traci Miller

“Before my session with Lain, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed. My new launch was not an “instant success” and I was feeling discouraged. I needed a new strategy but wasn’t sure if I was on the right track or what track I should be on. I knew I needed to nurture my audience with emails campaigns, but the process of writing emails felt hard and overwhelming. I want things to be perfect right away… and they weren’t, so I was upset. 

I was stuck in my business because I needed qualified leads. I needed to nurture the leads I got. I needed to make high ticket sales… and I felt all this pressure of “needing” to do it, instead of letting the process unfold.  

During the session, Lain helped me by encouraging me, giving order and sense to my process, taking it down to the least common denominator and simplifying it for me. I didn’t need to be overwhelmed, I just needed  a process to help me get there… and in a short amount of time, she gave me that process. 

Now I feel excited, enthusiastic and ready to keep going! I get the process better after talking to Lain. I am back in gear and ready to move forward, rather than halted in feelings of discouragement and overwhelm.”

— Andrea Lamont Nazarenko

ATTENTION: This is a coaching product and there are no refunds!