The Importance of Human Centered Design

Wondering What God REALLY Has to Say to You?

As much as you think you may not matter to God, your life has a specific purpose and meaning!

Spend seven days with Christian life coach, radio host, and writer
Lain Ehmann to learn how to access the wisdom and direction
God has for you and your life. Over seven days, we’ll dive deep into specific actions that you can take to increase your

connection with God, as well as your ability to hear his direction for YOU!

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Hey, I’m Lain Ehmann…

I help smart people just like you figure out what it means to shine bright for Christ and be a Joy Rebel in a world full of despair. Our time is now! Learn what God wants for you — and FROM you — and shine bright as we build his kingdom together. About me: I’m a Stanford grad, best-selling author, radio host, speaker, and Christian life and business coach. Three kids, one husband (25 years and going!), and two scruffy dogs. I can’t wait to meet you!