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Most people base their pricing on a set of unwritten rules:
“I can’t charge more than so-and-so does for this…”
“My clients will never pay more for my services…”
“No one else is asking this much…”
“What will people say if I raise my rates?”
…and blah blah blah!
But the truth is… the only one holding you back from making more money is YOU! There are people out there right now making twice, three time, or even 10x what you’re making… and they’re not any more talented, experienced, or capable than you are!
So, if you’re ready to grow your income (without selling your soul, having a breakdown, or losing all your clients), I invite you to join me for 12 transformative days to growing your income.
It’s time to Make More Money NOW!

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Hey, I’m Lain Ehmann…

Tony Robbins. Ryan Levesque. Kris Carr. Colette Baron-Reid. Honda Motors. Chris Winfield. Alison Prince. Grant Cardone… I’ve earned multiple millions of dollars in sales for clients like these, in addition to building my own multiple-six-figure business, all while raising three kids, making it to almost every soccer, volleyball, and baseball game, and writing several books. I’ve decoded the process for making more money is NOT just charging more or working more. There is HIDDEN MONEY in your business, and I’ll show you how to find it!

Here's How It Works...

Typically, in order to make more money people think they have to work longer hours or charge more for their products or services (which can seem scary, overwhelming, and in some cases, impossible!)… But that’s not true. 

Making more money is a combination of mental adjustments and practical tactics. Yes, you could simply double your rates… but is that really possible? Maybe. Maybe not…! (And I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to take that risk in this economy…)

The good news is, it’s possible to MAKE MORE without WORKING MORE or CHARGING MORE (I know, it sounds crazy… !). It’s all about breaking down your worth, your value, your processes, and your prices, and then creating a business where you can focus on the areas where you’re providing the most bang for your client’s buck. This is how I make over six figures while working far less than full-time!

In Make More Money NOW, I’ll walk you through a specific set of principles, questions, and exercises to:

  • Shift your mindset to a higher gear (no, it won’t require chanting affirmations—unless you want to!)
  • Show you the hidden money in your business
  • Help you position yourself as an expert so you can command higher rates (I promise I won’t say, “Just double your prices!”)
  • Pinpoint places you can easily provide more value to your clients that they’ll gladly pay more for
  • And more!

Infinitely practical and easy to implement, the Make More Money Now approach will create a permanent shift in the way you do business—and the way you think about your business. The result? You can work less and make MORE!

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Your Make More Money Now Experience Now Includes:

  • 12 daily videos with information, ideas, and actions to help you identify specific ways to increase your income (videos are released one per day for 12 days)
  • Printable PDF worksheets walking you through the daily assignments and exercises
  • BONUS! Q&A coaching call on Friday, June 27 (replay available)
  • BONUS! Templates, Scripts and MORE!
  • Unlimited access to course materials so you can revisit at any time

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