No-Bummer Summer Month 3

No-Bummer Summer Month 3


July 15-August 14

You’ll find the schedule and content for Month 3 on this page. The information will be added as it goes live. You have access to all this information on demand, when it fits YOUR schedule!

A lot of the interaction will take place in our Facebook group, so make sure to join and check in there on a regular basis. Even if you are not a regular Facebook user, please make every effort to connect with our other group members. Not only can you get support, you can GIVE support, too!

If you have any questions, please email me at ​

​Quote of the month: “Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if the contact is lost.” –Anonymous

Our Facebook Group: Click Here
Intro Call: 7/20/15, 9AM Pacific/12:00PM Eastern Replay will be at same link. 
Handout: (added 7/20)
Homework Week Ten (included in call guide above)​
Q&A “Open Mike”: 7/27/15  7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern (to be added 7/27)
Homework Week 11 (uploaded 7/27)
Coaching Hot Seat: Recording posted 8/3
Homework Week 12 (added 8/3)
“Behind the Scenes” Recording (released 8/11)
Homework Week 13 (posted 8/12)

**If you are interested in being our “hot seat” coaching participant, please email me at This will involve having a 20-minute one-on-one session with me on the month’s focus topic, and making it available as a recording for others to hear. 

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