Sample Post for 15 Days

Pay attention, because this is worth MILLIONS…
When you’re creating content of ANY type, this is where it starts: Getting CLEAR on what you want to say.
Way too many business owners record Facebook Lives, send emails, post on Instagram, etc. without having a clear message that they want to convey. They “go live” because they think they need to. Then send an email because they haven’t emailed their list in a while. They sit down to write a sales page without getting clarity on what their product or service does or how it provides value or who it’s for.
This is death!
Before you create ANY type of content, answer this question: “What am I really trying to say?”
Start from that point.
If YOU don’t know what you want to convey (and what you want your reader/listener/audience member to do as a result of consuming your content), no one else is gonna get it, either.
Don’t leave people shrugging their shoulders, trying to figure out your point. TELL THEM.
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