"Use Your Words." 

As a mom, I told my kids that 100 times a day. And now I tell my clients the same thing!

You've got a growing business. You want more clients, more customers, more revenue, and MORE TIME.

I got you covered. I put on my X-ray specs, look into your business and immediately see what you can't. I translate your unique personality and brand into compelling language that resonates with your audiences. 

I help you "use your words" effectively to sell, convert, persuade, inspire, and connect. From business-wide communications assessments and strategies to sales pages, email communication, evergreen funnels, email courses, lead magnets...

if it involves words, I can help. 

Contact me to learn how I can help you
"use your words" and connect with your customers.

Lain Ehmann
#FastLain Strategies

About Lain:

With degrees from Stanford and Syracuse University, Lain loves developing creative, yet practical, solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. An expert in creating income, authority, and community online, Lain has helped dozens of online entrepreneurs to supercharge their businesses, fast. 

​She has worked with many leading online business owners and internet marketers, including Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jaime (Tardy) Masters, and Jason Van Orden

The author of several bestselling books, Lain speaks, consults, and coaches on topics including launch strategy, personal development, productivity, creativity, internet marketing, strategic content creation, and community-building. 

Lain has written for the Boston Globe, the Industry Standard, Entrepreneur.com, SUCCESS Magazine, the Huffington Post, Selling Power Magazine, and hundreds of other publications. She has spoken at New Media Expo, BlogHer '16, BlogHer '17, NAMS, the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, the Eventual Millionaire Podcast, and many, many more. 

“I can vouch for Lain being a superhero."

Pat Flynn
Jane Smith

...I highly recommend Lain... She's amazing and take it from me; she'll help you more than you even realize that you needed help. And she's got an amazing personality, so you actually like hanging out with her. I consider her friend now too.

Jaime Tardy Masters
Shane Melaugh

Every time I tweet, see or speak with Lain Ehmann, the big bold words from the Batman comics come to mind. POW! WHAM! She’s that dynamic. She’s also cheerful, straightforward and very, very wise.

Geralin Thomas, Metropolitan Organizing
TLC's "Hoarders"
Shane Melaugh

Lain did a complimentary 10-minute review of one of the pages on our e-commerce website. There was so much information packed into those 10 minutes, I could barely keep up! I had to watch the review over and over to digest all the feedback. Lain looked at the page as if she were a shopper, and let us know what she saw versus what she wanted to see. She showed us where she got confused or lost, and where things were way too busy. We have made a number of changes to the site since getting the great feedback from Lain.

And the ultimate compliment, our co-owner Fred, who is critical and very cynical of these types of services, LOVED Lain's feedback and the no-nonsense style in which she gave it! He even went so far as to say, "I'd pay for more!" That never happens...until Lain! Thank you, Lain!!!

Gina Papa
LaVilla Dog Works
Shane Melaugh

Bottom line-if you want more done in less time, you need Lain. Her energy always keeps me motivated and on task. she provides strategies and direction that are clear and on point! Goodbye overwhelm!

Paul Evans
CEO, Achieve
Shane Melaugh
Jason Van Orden
Shane Melaugh

I just wanted to say a huge, big thank you. This was easy with you. So easy. I've never had a copywriter experience that's this smooth and seamless and by the book, so I just wanted to really say a big, fat thank you... Thank you so, so much. You've definitely captured my straight-to-the point, no-fluff kind of language, which was really important for me. I so appreciate your help, and I'm glad you and I connected. Just trust me, you'll hear from me again. 

Grace Estripeaut
Shane Melaugh

Lain is the best.

I have run a number of online programs on a very technical topic for eight years. I've struggled on my own for years to write my own registration pages and promotional emails because I thought no copywriter could understand or communicate the benefits of these technical programs.

I was wrong. In our very first project together, Lain wrote a registration page and promotional email series for a membership program. I was amazed at how well she could describe the benefits of the program in a way that I never had. After 4 years of slowly building the membership to 250 members, Lain's set of just 7 emails nearly doubled the membership to just under 500 members in three weeks.

We had, by far, our best month ever and the return on investment in Lain's services was over 25-fold in just that one month.

Needless to say, I plan on hiring Lain to write all of our promotional copy.

Karen Grace-Martin
The Analysis Factor
Shane Melaugh

I felt overwhelmed at the thought of putting together my first product launch. I'm so glad I hired Lain because she was instrumental in making it a success. She crafted a series of emails and a sales page that truly resonated with my ideal customers. Lain was able to convey my unique strengths and position my product in a way that aligned with the goals and desires of my customers. Thanks to Lain, not only did I hit my sales goal, I blew past it!

Jason Cannon
Shane Melaugh

I hired Lain to write copy for a Facebook ad campaign. Using Lain's copy we were able to add 1,322 MORE leads than our previous launch with the same ad spend (a 79% increase). Aside from the incredibly effective copy, Lain was easy & fun to work with and extremely professional. I've hired Lain for multiple campaigns now and she's my new go-to copywriter for big campaigns.

Deacon Bradley
Shane Melaugh

Lain is my go-to copywriter. Anytime I need anything done she knows how to really magically shift my ignorant words into smart ones. I'm not the most intelligent guy in the world. I don't speak clearly. I don't have the biggest vocabulary, so I depend on Lain to make me sound more intelligent than I truly am and get people to buy stuff that I want them to buy.

So if you're looking for a good copywriter that's dependable, timely, gets you stuff when she says she's going to give it to you, then she’s the one to go to.

Andrew O'Brien
The Publicity Guy
Shane Melaugh

When I was putting together a team for my recent launch I wanted the best players at every position. When I asked around for the best sales focused copywriter, Lain's name came up from several sources that I trust. When I dug a little deeper I found that Lain was behind the copy of some of the most recognizable names in the online marketing space. Not only did Lain live up to the hype, she also accommodated an ever-changing project with ease.

I'm looking forward to working with Lain on my next project and many more to come.

Verick Wayne
Social Ads School
Shane Melaugh