Trailer: The Risky Business Podcast with Lain Ehmann

There’s a misconception that those who have made it big had the path laid out for them.

They never had to face a moment of doubt…

Or a time when they weren’t 100 percent positive that everything would turn out…

Or periods where every single day felt like a battle.

Well, I’m here to debunk that myth! No matter how successful someone is NOW, there was a time when they put it all on the line and stepped out in faith in service of their business, their personal life, or their passion. And I’m here to share those stories with you.

I’ll be speaking with amazing entrepreneurs and innovators who had to deal with the triple threat of self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty in order to live out the mission they know they were there to fulfill.

It’s my pleasure and honor to bring you these stories of risk, triumph, and occasionally failure as part of The Risky Business Podcast. Hear how they dealt with fear, how they knew they were on the right road, and how they moved through those times of uncertainty to keep building and growing.

Here’s a sneak peek… Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.

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