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Lain Ehmann
#FastLain Strategies

About Lain:

With degrees from Stanford and Syracuse University, Lain loves developing creative, yet practical, solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. An expert in creating income, authority, and community online, Lain has helped dozens of online entrepreneurs to supercharge their businesses, fast. 

​She has worked with many leading online business owners and internet marketers, including Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jaime (Tardy) Masters, and Ray Edwards.. 

The author of several bestselling books, Lain speaks, consults, and coaches on topics including online business, personal development, productivity, creativity, internet marketing, strategic content creation, and community-building. 

Lain has written for the Boston Globe, the Industry Standard, (upcoming), Selling Power Magazine, and hundreds of other publications. She has spoken at New Media Expo, BlogHer ’16 (upcoming), NAMS, the Smart Passive Income podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, and many, many more. 

“I can vouch for Lain being a superhero.”


Jane Smith

“Every time I tweet, see or speak with Lain Ehmann, the big bold words from the Batman comics come to mind. POW! WHAM! She’s that dynamic. She’s also cheerful, straightforward and very, very wise.”

Geralin Thomas, Metropolitan Organizing TLC’s “Hoarders”

Shane Melaugh

“Bottom line – if you want to get more done in less time, you need Lain. Her energy always keeps me motivated and on task. She provides strategies and direction that are clear and on point! Goodbye overwhelm!”

Paul Evans CEO, Achieve

Shane Melaugh

“When I needed someone to create top-quality copy for a critical launch, I reached out to Lain. She delivered above and beyond my expectations. Not only did she nail the messaging, she also helped me think through different angles of my launch – and she did it on a very tight turnaround. I’ll be working with her again for sure.”

Navid Moazzez

Shane Melaugh

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